Data privacy

Data Privacy in Danish Data Science Community

Personal data policy at Danish Data Science Community

We only collect personal data in the cases where it is relevant for you and for your activity at Danish Data Science Community, amongst others on our website

By collecting, processing and usage of your personal data we always uphold all relevant legislation.

We only store your personal data as long as we either have a judical obligation to do so, or as long as it is relevant for the cause under which they were collected.

Information we collect

If you wish to have a user on, receive newsletters or be a member of DDSC we need to collect certain personal data for instance to be able to conduct creation of user account and membership.

We can collect information such as name, email address and motivation for membership, etc.

Danish Data Science Community gathers and processes your personal data when you do one or more of the below:

  • Create a user account
  • Signs up to DDSC's association
  • Subscribes to our newsletter
  • Signup up for an event

The dataresponsible

The dataresponsible for collecting, processing and using your personal information on is Danish Data Science Community

Processing foundation and purpose

Your normal contact information like name we collect in order to address you as a person. Your email address we collect to be able to send you newsletters and to provide you a secure login method

Your job title and birthdate we use in aggregated form to know how job types and age is distributed between members in the association

If you on our website have given your consent for it, we will use your email address to sende a newsletter. You can at any time subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter on your user's profile. You can at any time revoke your consent and stop the processing of your personal data.

Your information will be deleted immediately after your user is deleted. The information that are used in connection with a membership in the association are deleted automatically as soon as the membership terminates. All other related information to your user will similarly be deleted. E.g. signups for earlier events.

Other receivers of personal information

We do not sell your personal data to third party, and we do not transfer your personal data to third countries.

We have our website at DigitalOcean, who functions as our data processor. All personal data that you submit on our website will be stored in DigitalOcean's data centres in the EU. The data processor agreement between DigitalOcean and Danish Data Science Community can be read in their general data processor agreement.

We do not use external companies as suppliers of services or anything else that make use of your personal data for commercial purposes.

Usage of cookies

As part of the security setup on we are using Cloudflare proxy, which is a third party service.

Cloudflare is using necessary cookies to be able to deliver security on The processing of cookies happen in Cloudflares' data centre in the US as described in section 7 in Cloudflares privacy policy.

Cookies are not used for commercial purposes or with intention to track your individual conduct on To the extent that data is used for analysis it will only be done in aggregated form. You can read more about usage of cookies in Cloudflares cookie policy.

Your rights

As the user and registered on you have a series of rights that we at all times will ensure the fulfilment of. You have the right to request us of the following:

  • To get access to and have your personal data corrected/updated
  • To have persoanal data deleted

Further you have the right to raise a complaint over the processing of your personal data and submit a complaint to a data protection authority.

If you not longer wish that we should process your personal information or that we should limit the processing of your personal information, you can also submit us a request hereof to our email address [email protected]