Danish Data Science Community

A community for Data Scientists


In DDSC we are working for a strengthened community of data science practices. We want to strengthen relations across the Danish community and enable new relations.

We are bringing everyone working with Data Science together whether they are professionals, researchers, students, or enthusiasts.

Open source

We are working to strengthen the Danish open source culture through open projects run by DDSC.

We think that a strengthened open source environment will benefit everyone through increased collaboration and learning across companies, organisations and universities.



We cherish the human connection and to get to know each other across the networks of the Danish data science scene. We share exciting projects, new technologies, trends, experiences, problems, and solutions in the daily life of data science areas.


Professional presentations

Become an active participant through professional presentations for events. Whether your topic is within NLP, Explainable AI, Data-centric ML or something else entirely...